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GNUVF Art & Craft Centre

Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

The making of all sorts of hand crafts like purses, bags, baskets, bracelets, necklaces, doll puppets, raffia-place mats etc. These especially the doll puppets have helped us in teaching of children through story telling where children are allowed to express themselves and have fun. This has boosted self-esteem among the children and they are more eager to learn. On the side of other crafts enough effort is put in to see that this project is boosted to help sustain the organization and supported households.

This program helps women earn needed income to support their families.

UVF  partnered with Mirembe hand made Uganda who trained our women to make baskets. The first group of 20 women who received training are now training more women in the community. The baskets are sold through Mirembe hand made Uganda and exported to Israel and other countries.

More than 200 baskets have been sold in the past  months. This has become the number one source of income for most of the UVF women. Thanks to all who have helped sell or buy the baskets.



We have all varieties, our bracelets are always great! they are a perfect gift for yourself or some one you love. Our bracelets are made from paper, and therefore so comfortable to wear. feel cool with the various designs and colours!


Coiling its way into your heart is the classic Ugandan basket! The basket is a perfect gift which can be highly functional or purely decorative.

Most of the baskets are made from a local fibre taken from a type of palm leaf called raffia which is wrapped around long strips of banana leaf stems. Artisans also make a range of baskets that use a combination of banana fibre (which comes from the bark of the banana tree) and raffia wrapped over coils of banana leaf stems. Our Nubian baskets are made from an imported material called Disi which is sewn around coils of papyrus or grass.

Basket weaving is carried out from the woman’s home in between her other domestic duties. The knowledge on how to weave has been mostly passed down from generation to generation.

Uganda Crafts 2000 proudly exports quality raffia, banana fibre and Nubian baskets and basketry to the US and Canada. We are ready to change colours and customise your order.


We have these in all sizes! they are made from recycled paper, hence the name paper beads! Every bead is hand rolled from paper.


Purses available in all sizes! The inner linenner is made of cotton/silky clothing and then the outer part is made of recycled paper beads, banana leaves.


Our products from Uganda are woven from stalks of their banana plant and wrapped in raffia from the raffia palm. The harvesting of the leaves of both plants encourages the growth of new leaves and is completely sustainable. The average time to weave a basket is about two days. These are handcrafted items so sizes are approximate and colors will vary from person to person.


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