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What to do before travelling
• Book your flights to Entebbe international airport
• Get malaria prophylaxis
• Get all the following vaccinations: A and B hepatitis, Yellow Fever, Cholera, Typhoid Fever and Tetanus, Covid19
• Make sure also that your MMR vaccination is still valid.
• Go through medical check¬up to avoid any unpleasant surprises. You will get good medical health care in Uganda during your trip if needed.
• Inform us about all your medications, chronic illnesses, sicknesses, allergies or other limitation or precautions
• Get appropriate travel insurance
• Make sure your passport is valid 6 months after your trip
• Go through our websites for more information and contact us if you have any questions
• Inform us about any special diets
Things to take with you
• All your personal medication and medical prescription
• Insect repellent (can also be bought from Entebbe or Kampala)
• Stomach medicines for both diarrhea and constipation
• Sun cream
• Hat to protect you from sun and also clothes with long sleeves and long trousers to protect against mosquitoes
• Comfortable shoes and during the rainy season, shoes that can be used in mud
• Take a mobile phone with you. If possible you can take some old one which you don’t use anymore at home.
• Flashlight or headlight
• Check requirements of dressing in your placement from your placement´s presentation.
• AC power plugs and sockets used in Uganda are British type G, BS 1363 and the voltage is 220/¬240 volts. If your electric devices don’t fit to this kind of plugs you will need to take an adapter with you.
Things you do not need to bring
• All the most common medicines e.g painkillers, plasters etc. are available for purchase in Kampala
• Products such as shampoos, lotions, toothpaste, laundry powder can also be bought in Kampala
• Bed sheets, mosquito nets and towels are included in all the rooms
Currency and paying
• Ugandan currency is Ugandan shilling (UGS)
• It is not possible to buy Uganda shillings outside the country
• Shillings are accepted everywhere in Uganda, US dollars in some tourist destinations
• You can draw cash (Ugandan shillings) from ATM machines with Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard
• US dollars or euro can be exchanged in bureau de change here in Uganda.
• US dollars printed earlier than 2010 are not accepted in Uganda
• You can’t pay with credit card
• You can’t cash traveller’s cheques

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