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The work permit government fees for one year volunteers is 250 usd. This is acquired when the volunteer enters Uganda. Before coming, the volunteers are supposed to get an online visa that costs 50 usd. However, they can also get a visa on arrival at the airport but it’s better to get the visa in advance to avoid inconveniences. So coming to Uganda can be both through application of visa online or acquisition of visa upon arrival at the airport.
Normally and practically it’s good that before a volunteer comes to Uganda, they send us the necessary documents and we process the work permit in advance, like three months earlier and we begin working on the work permits. This gives us enough time since visas are at times hard to get and take some time to be approved.
The good part is our organization has everything and upto date documentations needed from our side. We meet all the requirements that you see attached below.
We will only need to work on cover letters then appointment /invitation letter as per the Volunteer coming in.

Checklist for Work Permit Applications.

Follow this order when arranging the file:

1. Cover letter addressed to the Executive Director, NGO Bureau
2. Photocopy of Employment Contract
3. Appointment letter
4. List of Foreign and Local staff working with NGO, their job titles, duration of each staff’s contract.
5. Certificate of good conduct
6. CV
7. Evidence of failure to recruit Ugandans/rationale for foreign employees/succession plan (except volunteers.
8. Photocopy of Organisation’s constitution OR MEMARTS & Organisation’s Chart.
9. Photocopy Certificate of Incorporation.
10. Photocopy of permit of operation / Certificate of registration
11. Certified photocopy of academic documents from institution or confirmation from a Notary Public
12. Photocopy of Passport Biodata Page.
13. Photocopy of Immigration Status
14. TIN

15. Cover letter addressed to the commissioner of immigration.


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