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Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

Over the past seven years we have helped improve access to food and income for 500 households.

Millions of people are struggling without a reliable source of food and income to support themselves and their families. GNUVF works to address the barriers to social and economic independence.

Our volunteers make sure people have the skills, opportunities and support needed to live more secure and dignified lives.  

Supporting fairer outcomes for agricultural communities.

The rural poor, especially women, produce most of the world’s food. In return, they face high risks, a changing climate and very little reward for their incredibly hard work. The vast majority of poor rural farming communities are unable to compete equally in global markets. They remain stuck in chronic poverty.

We work with all market actors, including farmers, government and the private sector, to create inclusive economic growth and support the development of thriving rural communities.

We work to:

  • Empower individuals, households and communities through training and supporting organized collectives that increase bargaining power
  • Make changes at the value chain level to increase the income farmers can make from their products, including the use of sustainable agricultural production technologies
  • Improve farmers’ access to global markets

The ways in which we address the issues faced by smallholder farmers include:

  • Market development: International and national volunteers deliver training sessions in their expertise area to co-operative groups and individuals, helping to build skills and confidence for farmers and increase their production and help grow their businesses.
  • Skills development: Providing training for farmers to ensure they are able to produce food at the quality needed by local markets, helping them get a better price for their crop. 
  • Working with farmers to diversify their crops: To protect against shocks in the market, and develop alternative revenue streams.
  • Using technology as an enabler: provide access to machinery that reduces labour needed and makes it possible for older farmers to care for their land.
  • Removing barriers to participation: By equipping farmers with business skills, identifying opportunities for access to finance, support access to distribution channels and influencing government policy.

Working with volunteers, local partners and government, our project teams offer business development services to help entrepreneurs move their SMEs (small and medium enterprises) into the formal economy.

We support businesses with different levels of advice and services, depending on their needs:

  • Training Services: A basic entrepreneurship training curriculum is run by local government.
  • Advisory Services: Offered by district officials who have progressed their business during the training. Business management, marketing and finance expertise is delivered by volunteers.
  • Advanced Business Development Services: Offered based on the needs of individual in line with the advisory services provided. Support for branding, marketing, operating models, access to finance and strategic consulting are all delivered by expert volunteers.

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