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Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

How do I choose a project?

We will give you a description of each project, which will include information about what is needed to help, what we have achieved so far, how long the beneficiaries of a given project have been benefiting and their testimonies.

How much does it cost to sponsor a project?

It costs a monthly amount of $300 to co-sponsor or $150 full sponsor a project.

What does my sponsorship pay for?

The funds that are sent help your sponsored activity or project for example if you donate to Education program a child will be able to paying for 3 square meals/ day, scholastic materials, clothes, shoes.

And if you happen to sponsor women empowerment program, the women will be able to get to learn sustainable skills like making craft baskets, bags etc. to enable them to get out of the poverty line and be able to provide education and basic needs for their children.

The funds are sent directly from the sponsors’ bank to our Ugandan account. They are then taken out in cash and withdrawn for the right purpose, means that the figure is as close to 100% as we can make it to, the only deductions are the transfer fee.

How can I pay my monthly sponsorship?

This will be paid by standing order with your bank. We will provide you with a standing order sheet to be filled and signed, and given to your bank to authorize the funds being removed from your account once a month.

What if I need to stop sponsoring?

We totally understand that due to circumstances changing, people may have to stop their sponsorship. If you can give us 2-3 months’ notice it would be great, so that we can find the project another sponsor.

Can I sponsor more than one project?

Yes! You can sponsor as many as you like!

Can I send the women and their children presents on their birthday and Christmas?

Due to the issues with post, we suggest that we create a list of items that the children like
and the month of the child’s birthday, we give them that present on your behalf, and the same at Christmas. You may like to try and send a package by courier and see whether it arrives.

Can I co-sponsor a project with someone else?

Absolutely, no problem. In this case you would need to find that person to share the $75 monthly cost with you and you will both receive combined communication.

Can I visit the project?

Absolutely. We really encourage all our sponsors to take the trip out to visit the project they are putting in money. It’s an amazing life changing experience. Just let us know and we will be happy to welcome you and help organize it.

Will the beneficiaries know who their sponsors are?

They will do, unless the sponsor specifically wishes not to be known.

Will I have direct contact with the families?

We will ensure that each sponsor receives an email every quarter. This will contain a report as to how the project is progressing, with school reports, health and general progress. The women and children benefiting will also write a personal letter / drawing (depending on their age). It will be nice for sponsors to send a photo/ letter/ video of themselves to the beneficiaries too (maybe with the sponsors family would like to get involved too, children often enjoy the interaction.) We are setting up a new email address with the sole purpose of interaction between the sponsors and beneficiaries, managed by the team on the ground. We would love to be able to send hard copy documents but the postal service is extremely corrupt in Uganda and documents rarely arrive unless they are sent by courier service. We will also try to record videos of the beneficiaries like children’s reading and singing etc. but bear with us on that whilst we put it into place! As the organization expands and we develop we aim to set up video calling so that the sponsors can see and chat to their beneficiaries mostly children.


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