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Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

As construction of our school kicks off slowly, we are eager to utilize our available facility, from under equipped classrooms, Students will benefit a lot once our campus is fully constructed in the near future, we know that the greatest asset we will offer will be our professional, dedicated, and talented volunteers that will do whatever it takes to help our children succeed. Our School will be open and honest communication, where parents and community involvement will be welcomed.

After realizing the fact that education is a sure means towards the improvement of the country’s economy; we formulated the Education and Training Policy which integrated in the formal school system. This is for children aged between 3 years and 6years. The major objective is to introduce pre-schools. The government wants these pre-schools to be run by local governments, private institutions and individuals to build and operate pre-schools. The major objective of initiating our school is to bring up children by promoting and enriching the experiences so far acquired by the children from community and family in such areas as religion, languages, culture, health care etc.

Our school, aims at improving access and enrolment levels due to the fact that in the past the education system was characterized by high drop-out rates mainly due to poverty and poor teaching methods.

The policy was passed by the government after realizing the fact that early childhood education leaves an imprint in the child’s mind and it is a significant factor in the mental and social development of children. The government puts stress on this type of education in its effort to develop the country’s human resources.

It is from this need that our Educational  Centre builds its foundation to explore this opportunity by coming up with a vision of setting up the Centre for early childhood to access which will help to prevent stunted cognitive development of child and is reputed for facilitating better future performance in school.

Our Educational Centre offers pre-primary education, primary education and post-secondary education, which will consist of skills development centre. It is estimated that first phase of its construction will be done in the first five years.

However we need as much support from everyone interms of labour, funds and building materials

To donate towards the construction project please click the link below https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/building-classroom-blocks-and-a-kitchen-at-sabec


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