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Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

Shir Mio

Are you looking for the Volunteering opportunity of your dreams and one that falls under your area of study? At the beginning of this year, I said to some family and friends that it would be a dream come true to find a volunteer opportunity in Uganda, and so one day I came across the…
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Jehonathan Meyuchas

My stay in Uganda with UVF was truly priceless. I entered with overwhelming anticipation and left with unimaginable clinical and health experience, bucket-list attractions checked off my list, and lifelong friends. Being a volunteer is the best way you can give back to the unprivileged. I got the opportunity to learn a lot, the environment…
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Inbar Robi

Worked and helped with women empowerment and community development for three month. My experience with UVF has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I thought that I was coming to help people, but in exchange I am coming back having learned so much more than I could have possible given them.…
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Inber Erez

I volunteered with Women Empowerment Program, for 3 month. When I first arrived, I was anxious about being surrounded by so many people. The foreign language, culture, and stares were a bit overwhelming. By my second month, I came to love everything that I feared. The strangers in my home became my family, the foreign…
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Keren Loew.

Am from Israel and volunteered with UVF helping in Childcare and Women empowerment. Best 3 month of my life! Since the moment I arrived to Uganda, I felt that I was in the right place and that I had made a great decision to volunteer with UVF. I worked in Childcare with kids from 2…
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Neta Sarfati

I volunteered with Women Empowerment Program, for 12month. By far the most gratifying experience ever. I’ve done many things like this in my country but in Uganda it was different. First of all, the people are very thankful. Also it’s very complete, in the morning you can teach and in the afternoon you are able…
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Ohad Tayler

Leading into my last summer, I was seeking a life-changing experience and Uganda gave me exactly that. I was happy to volunteer in health centers, schools and communities it was challenging and it provided me with lots of experiences it has already contributed to my career. Many times, I would get out of work and…
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Laura Daly

My name is Laura Daly from Ireland, during my holiday I volunteered with Uganda Volunteers Foundation, helping in the Education and Literacy program, I really enjoyed my experience working with UVF as an organization that supports poor, vulnerable women and their children through Education and women empowerment, this was the best thing I had ever…
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