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Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

Miriam Reynolds.

I was looking for a volunteer placement and my first preference was Uganda, but then this opportunity in Kampala came up and before I knew it I had contacts with the directors of UVF. A week later I was on the plane to Uganda in chase for a new adventure. Uganda Volunteers Foundation seem the…
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Ferdia Donohoe.

My experience with Uganda Volunteers Foundation was amazing. I spent the best time of my life in this city meeting the most wonderful people, eating and drinking at the most fantastic restaurants and bars, exploring countless activities in and outside the city, and helping at one exceptional school. As a teacher, I was able to…
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Niamh Donnelley.

I volunteered at UVF in June 2017 as part of a group of 9 people. I loved my experience thanks to Eva who welcomed us and helped us to settle into Uganda. We had a range of options from the program, however seeing as we are all teachers, our main base was at the school.…
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Luke Dooley.

I volunteered with Education and Sports program. Definitely one of the best experiences ever, I don’t have any regrets of being in Africa, Uganda for the very first time. I got to meet great loving people. The greatest thing that tops it all is that you get to see the kids smile at you every…
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Dolores Reilly.

Volunteering abroad has always been one of the many things I wanted to do ever since my last year in college. I came across Uganda Volunteers Foundations program through my friends and after months of communication with the coordinator and doing research about Uganda, and especially the rural areas I was meant to work, my stay…
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Stephen Cleary

I volunteered with the Education and Sports program for two weeks. Uganda Volunteers Foundation was an amazing experience that allowed me to live in Uganda and work at a local school. Not only was I able to experience day to day life in local communities of Ssisa in Wakiso, I was able to attend a number…
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Katie buttimer.

During the last month I had the huge pleasure of living and volunteering in Uganda. Uganda Volunteers Foundation, gave me the opportunity to do a preschool volunteering in a public school, I will never forget this unique experience. Every day on my way to the school I felt so excited because I knew that I…
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Conor Scanlon

I can’t thank Uganda <strong>Volunteers Foundation enough for my experience in Uganda, I traveled with my friends not only with the hopes of gaining experience overseas, but to learn more about myself. Little did I know that I would come across some of the greatest people I’ve ever met Throughout the few weeks of being…
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Arlene Coughlan

Uganda Volunteers Foundation is such an amazing organization. I can’t stress enough how kind and helpful they were doing the whole trip process. They were happy to answer any questions I asked, and made the process as smooth as possible. I would recommend Uganda Volunteers Foundation to everyone. I can’t thank them enough for helping…
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Emer Corb.

I am a pre-teacher who traveled to Uganda and worked at a school through the Uganda Volunteers Foundation, my time was amazing. I got to see and do so much at the school and local communities, way far from what I have ever known. All of the teachers were extremely friendly and taught me a…
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