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Entebbe Tour

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This sleepy town has great views of the second largest lake in the world. Entebbe was the colonialists’ administrative center and has many buildings that date over half a century ago. The name Entebbe means “the chair” in Luganda, which is the local language of the area. Entebbe is also home to the famous or infamous Airport, which was raided by Israeli commandos in 1976. While in Entebbe, you will visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Center and the beautiful Botanical Gardens where in the midst of the spectacular flora, you will see vervet monkeys and a Red colobus monkey that escaped from the nearby zoo. The botanical gardens are home to many weavers, waxbills and sunbirds. You may also see the Palm nut Vulture, Pied and Black-and –white casqued Hornbills, Eastern Grey Plantain Eater, Great Blue Turaco, Pigmy Kingfisher and the black-and-white Flycatcher. You will proceed for the 1 hour 30 minute boat ride to Ngamba Island to view chimpanzees that have been saved from the unscrupulous who doom them to captivity. Chimps that have been nursed back to health are also set free to roam this island. 

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