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Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

Women and Girl Empowerment Project

What is the Women Empowerment project in Uganda is all about?

The project gives individuals opportunities to increase skills. 

The Women Empowerment project in Uganda focuses on the training and mentoring of vulnerable women within the rural communities. The work that volunteers provide will be centred on basic entrepreneurship and small-scale business skills.

Uganda is a developing country with a high volume of vulnerable women. Amongst others, this includes single mothers, women living with HIV/AIDS, victims of domestic violence, and women living in extreme poverty. A lot of the women in these communities are illiterate, have no source of income, and lack the opportunities to thrive.

Women’s vulnerability in Uganda arises from social inequality and from unequal power relations, which grant women less access to and control over assets and resources than men. Therefore, many women find themselves within the informal sector. Unfortunately, the majority of such women lack basic entrepreneurial skills, sufficient access to capital, markets, and collateral, all of which are necessary in the start-up of small businesses. There is a need to support and aid vulnerable women with entrepreneurship skills in order to help them out of the cycle of poverty.

By contributing to the women’s empowerment program in Uganda as a volunteer, you will be able to contribute to alleviating poverty for the many vulnerable women and their families, enabling them to create sustainable livelihoods.

Why choose this Women Empowerment project in Uganda?

  • You will learn about the sustainable development model of empowering rural women.
  • You will contribute to a women’s empowerment program.
  • You will also learn about how vulnerable women in Uganda make a living and care for their families.
  • Share experiences with the women and communities.

Role of the Women Empowerment Volunteers

As a volunteer involved in the Women Empowerment program, you will be providing a group of women with basic business training. Direct work with the women: imparting activities such as sewing, craft and art painting, needlework, cooking or computer skills. Support and exchange with the women.  Imparting knowledge about healthy nutrition. Support in organizing literacy courses.  Introducing new ideas

You will also mentor them on managing start-up loans for small-scale business development. Working together with the community colleagues, you will meet and interact with women within their community, and create interactive training methods to develop their growth.

In addition, you will also be directly involved in disseminating basic health information to the women. The ultimate objective is to empower vulnerable women to fight poverty, and to become self-sufficient so that they have the capacity to provide a meal, education, and other basic needs to their children.

Volunteers interested in Women Empowerment can also participate in the following projects:

Empowering Village/Rural Women

This program is geared toward assisting women who may not have had access to basic education and may find it difficult to thrive, particularly in this age where understanding the importance of education and an ability to manage basic technology have become fundamental aspects for survival. The ability to navigate issues such as personal development, environmental awareness, budgeting, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy also help to build a resiliency that cultivates sustainable development.

Therefore, through our program, we utilize the engagement of international participants with some groups of local women, who may never have had any kind of real-life exposure to outsiders, to help them to expand their worldview and personal perspective. Participant immersion in the community promotes a mutually beneficial relationship with the local women where all those involved gain just as much as they give.

This is an opportunity to form relationships with someone from another background and culture and create an exchange that motivates both younger and older women to show their hidden talents and enable them to participate in developmental activities of family, society, and nation.

Creative teaching methods and a positive outlook are extremely helpful and go a long way to engaging the women and breaking down the existing barriers. Participants are encouraged to use different techniques to teach topics that they are passionate about, and/or have first-hand knowledge, as long as they are relevant and assist with the goals outlined by the women being served through the program. Since English is widely spoken here, there is a greater capacity for you to convey your knowledge with ease and use anything you have in the way of reference materials and resources more easily.

You’ll also be part of the collective effort to support the educational goals of our girls. These village mothers and grandmothers are using their skills and abilities to create unique and intricate beadwork jewellery and accessories knowing that every piece they make and sell gets them closer to earning enough to cover school fees and to supplement the household income enough to provide nourishing meals to their families.

Your efforts can go towards the creation of a database, building a roadside stand to sell items, teaching the women basic English or math, help complete the concrete floor at a local community where they currently meet underneath a tree, or help to build a proper stand for access to the water tanks, plate racks and hand washing facilities at the communities or schools. The ways in which you can be of service are many. The life lessons and sincere smiles you will receive in return are invaluable.

What skills do you need to be a Women Empowerment volunteer?

-You should have the confidence to teach other women something.

-You have to be flexible, creative and have a talent for improvisation.

-Teamwork but also independent work are no problem.

– You are willing to learn and communicate.

 – You are physically and mentally resilient.

 – You are open to other people and cultures.

 – You are ready to work and live in simple circumstances.

 – Some level of spoken English is essential for this placement and be open minded.

Click the link below to apply https://www.uvfo.org/apply/

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