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Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

Volunteer Tasks

The “Sustainable Agriculture” project brings the local population closer to sustainability. To protect the environment and the soil and for high-yield harvests, it advocates efficient use of the land, natural pest control and soil conservation, and trains the local population on these issues. The project works on building a self-sufficient and sustainable agriculture for the school of the Uganda Volunteer Foundation. For this purpose, vegetables are grown and pigs and poultry are raised. The proceeds are used for their own school meals. In addition, it is planned to help the children and take lessons in sustainable agriculture so that they can sustainably support themselves in adulthood.
• Transfer of knowledge about sustainable agriculture • Practical activities in agriculture: horticulture, raising animals etc. • Support, guidance and exchange with the population • Documentation • Bringing in new ideas
Demands on you
– You like to work practically and in nature – You lend a hand and are not afraid of getting dirty – At best, you already have experience in agriculture / horticulture – You are flexible, creative and have a talent for improvisation – Teamwork but also independent work no problem – you are willing to learn and patient – you are open to other people and cultures – you are ready to work and live in simple circumstances

Volunteers interested in Sustainable Agriculture can participate in the following project:
Agriculture is the main economic backbone of Uganda, as well as the primary source of income for basic households in many parts of the country. As many areas throughout the country are struggling with issues of food security, this is a great opportunity to try new and tried and true methods of farming to tackle these issues. When you join this program you will assist local farmers and communities who are not only trying to feed their own families and make a living, but those who are trying to share the knowledge they have attained to keep the farming culture alive and thriving.
Ssissa, Namuzzi is one of those places, and local villagers spend their lives farming, vegetables and food, as well as taking care of their livestock.
In this program, you’ll get the chance to experience the authentic countryside of Uganda by living amongst locals and helping out the villagers on their gardens and also farms.
Your tasks include:
• Cutting and cleaning up the grass areas around the gardens, farm and school.
• Planting, cultivating, weeding, and watering of plants and trees.
• Helping take care of the livestock
• Addressing various community needs
• Learning about the use of nutrient rich water for soil-less farming (hydroponic farming)
Working up close with local farmers will not only teach you new skills, but will also allow you to get authentically immersed in a new culture and lifestyle.
Volunteers not only help support the local economy, but, most importantly, the livelihoods of the people who depend upon it. Sustainable agriculture is vital to countless communities around the world, and volunteers can make a difference by helping nurture agriculturally-dependent economies and offering assistance to small farmers working to get their products on the market.
Volunteers participating in sustainable agriculture projects do hands-on work that leaves a lasting impact on farming communities in need. By assisting throughout the numerous steps of the agricultural process, volunteers are able to be immersed in the local agriculture scene, learn about sustainable farming methods and agriculture processes from around the world, volunteer alongside local workers, and see the literal fruits of their labor. Participants not only serve their host community directly—by helping raise food and crops to nourish and support members of the community—but also indirectly by becoming advocates for the efforts of sustainable, environmentally-friendly farming practices.

This project in sustainable agriculture is an excellent fit for participants who are interested in farming, agriculture, and sustainable practices. Volunteers who are curious about agricultural procedures and how they play a role in communities around the world find these projects engaging and informative. Participants with any or no experience with farming or sustainable agriculture can contribute in invaluable ways to these projects; the most important qualification is that volunteers are not averse to rolling up their sleeves, getting their hands dirty, and spending time outdoors.

Click the link below to apply https://www.uvfo.org/apply/

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