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Education/Teaching Assistant

Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

As an education/teaching assistant volunteer, you will support local staff in providing a safe, learning and fun environment for youngsters in classrooms, daycare centres and after-school clubs. You will help with a range of activities such as arts and crafts, songs, games, story time and also formal learning such as reading and writing. When you join the education volunteer project you may be asked to help children who need a little more help and group work. This is very important as this rarely happens in classes with such high student numbers. If you are a qualified and experienced teacher you may be asked to provide training and support to local staff.

Education has been identified as a global priority by the UNDP and early years attendance is key in giving children a great start in life, as well as enabling parents to go out and earn a living while their children are in a supervised setting. Many centres and schools lack classroom assistants who can help with preparation, running group sessions or helping children who need extra learning support. As a volunteer, you may help local staff with the running of activities and share your ideas with teachers to enrich lessons which often take a more formal approach or use rote learning. You will gain an insight into the daily challenges and realities facing teachers, children and communities in enabling children to attend school full time.

As an education volunteer focused on children you must have a love of working with children, a genuine interest in learning and a high energy level. If you are creative and happy to inspire children with songs, stories and games to consolidate classroom learning these placements could be perfect for you! All of our teaching placements require volunteers to complete a police record check. If you are a TEFL, early, primary or senior school teacher why not take a bushman’s holiday and share your training and experience with local teachers while learning how they manage with poor attendance, large class numbers and a lack of classroom resources.

Volunteers in this project may also help in the following activities

  1. Helping as teaching assistants in classrooms
  2. Cleaning, feeding and caring for the younger children
  3. Working hand in hand with teachers in planning for work schedules.
  4. Training and reskilling of teachers.
  5. Teaching foreign languages
  6. Teaching skills like music, dance, drama, sports etc.
  7. Compound maintenance and classroom cleaning.
  8. Weeding and digging gardens
  9. Planting trees
  10. Office work including marketing the organization, proposal writing and fundraising.
  11. Teaching children basic health habits like washing hands after visiting the toilet etc.

Bring your love of reading, learning and sharing your ideas and join us at GNUVF to inspire young learners or develop teacher capacity on an education volunteer placement.

Click the link below to apply https://www.uvfo.org/apply/

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