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Niamh Donnelley.

Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

I volunteered at UVF in June 2017 as part of a group of 9 people. I loved my experience thanks to Eva who welcomed us and helped us to settle into Uganda. We had a range of options from the program, however seeing as we are all teachers, our main base was at the school. I enjoyed volunteering where we met Samuel and the other teachers. Their dedication and passion for caring for the children at the school is an inspiration. In addition to spending time at the school, I also enjoyed working with the single-mothers and families. We would walk around the village and help the mothers by doing their washing, cleaning and tidying to help them in their daily routines. We were able to meet a lot of local people who were so grateful of our help. Although the families who we helped essentially had ‘nothing’ in comparison to our western world, their gratitude for what they do have was eye-opening and made the experience extremely worthwhile.
I cannot recommend UVF enough. It was everything I had hoped the experience would be, and more.
Many thanks again to Eva and the rest of the UVF team for giving us the opportunity to spend time with the inspirational people we met along the way.

Niamh Donnelly, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland (25 years old)

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