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Katie buttimer.

Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

During the last month I had the huge pleasure of living and volunteering in Uganda. Uganda Volunteers Foundation, gave me the opportunity to do a preschool volunteering in a public school, I will never forget this unique experience. Every day on my way to the school I felt so excited because I knew that I would learn something new and see incredible things that I would never have the chance to see in my home country. I was able to observe many things, people whom seem vulnerable happy with their lives, and the teachers always explained to me what they were doing and how they were approaching the kids. By working in a local surrounding I also was infiltrated into the culture of Uganda, which I loved because I did not feel like a tourist while working in the school. Everyone made me feel very welcome from my first day onwards and I bonded with the teachers, community members and all the UVF staff quickly. Not only have I learnt so much for my future and have had a once in a lifetime experience, but also I bonded with many people and left Uganda with new, profound friendships. The amount of incredible people I met is unbelievable and I am very thankful for having experienced this unforgettable stay in Uganda. Uganda Volunteers Foundation made it very easy and helped me a lot to feel at home and feel supported in a new country. I would recommend Uganda Volunteers Foundation to anyone who is looking for an “out of their comfort zone” working or volunteer experience abroad. Because even if I was getting out of my comfort zone, they always made me feel understood and backed up.

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