P.O Box 955 Kampala, Uganda
+256 752 711564

Neta Sarfati

Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

NastaI volunteered with Women Empowerment Program, for 12month.

By far the most gratifying experience ever. I’ve done many things like this in my country but in Uganda it was different. First of all, the people are very thankful. Also it’s very complete, in the morning you can teach and in the afternoon you are able to get involved with the community, helping women learn English and sustainable skills or simply meeting the kids in the street and just having a good talk or play with them, eat some Rolex. There is truly a lot of work which helps the community. You are always able to do something for them, doesn’t matter how small it is they will appreciate it so much. And overall, there is a need for volunteers so you feel that you are there really making a difference. So thank you UVF for allowing me to know such amazing people in Uganda!!

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