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Supported village with a rain harvesting water tank of 5000 Liters;

Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

Kitende B is a village with 100 household under the support of Global Network for Uganda Volunteers Foundation (GNUVF), people staying in this village always faced problems of clean and safe water, and the water they used was never good for domestic use because they shared the pond with animals living the community’s life at risks of diseases since the water source was unprotected. GNUVF with support from Ms. Sandy Bevan managed to install the water tank to create easy access to clean and safe water in the Village.

Life before;

Before Kitende village in Wakiso district being supported with a water harvest tank of 5000 liters by Global Network for Uganda Volunteers foundation, life was hard for people staying in the village, they moved long distances in search for water, though it was never safe and clean because they fetched the same water animals used in the community and the nearest water source is tapped water which is very expensive for families struggling with sweats finding what the family can have to eat to afford to buy tapped water within the village and at times it would be hard to really on it because it disappears. This had put the community member’s lives at risk of contracting diseases like running stomach, Bilharzia, typhoid, cholera among others thus spending much money on medication than needs at home.

Nature of intervention;

The community was provided with a water tank to harvest water during rainy period to save them from moving long distances in search for water for domestic usage. The GNUVF through the support of Ms. Sandy Bevan, 5000 liters tank was installed to support nearby households and also reduce on the risks sometimes children may face on the way from or to the usual water source connected to child protection issues in the community since children would move up to late hours to fetch water.

Life after;

The installed water tank is currently supporting 100 enrolled households in the village of Kitende “B”. Children and adults have easy access to the water source. As a result, the water tank created demand for water since many community members flock the water source to fetch water for domestic use. This has served to improve on the lives and health of children and adults using the waterfrom contaminated water to safe and clean harvested water.”

Future plan;

As a community, we look forward for more support enable the organization reach other villages within our areas of catchment. We also look forward to have a community with easy access to clean and safe water source and have a healthy community from childhood illnesses that may arise from unsafe and unprotected water sources shared with cows, pigs, goats among others Ms. Sandy Bevan, thanks for being a parent to the deprived and vulnerable children in the community. You have changed the community and we are so proud of you”

 Photos of water source

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