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Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

My name is Robina Nabaka aged 35 years, a single mother to 3 children a member under the support of Uganda volunteer’s foundation, and I am one of the needy families they supported with an income generating activity (craft business) from Kitende village Wakiso district. I received a startup capital to run a craft business to enable me provide basic needs and school requirements so as to live a happy life as other children of the community and not to go back in the past situation where my family had turned into a laughing stock to some community members.

Life before;

Before being empowered by Uganda Volunteers foundation, life was hard for me and my children. Being a single mother is never easy if one has no income generating activity to earn a living and cater for household needs. My two children had stayed home for 3 years without schooling due to lack of scholastic materials and school requirements to keep the children in school. I used to sleep in a house not fully completed with openings on the sides, linking roofs living our lives at risk.  The room was congested and it could not accommodate the number of people staying in the house, I was being raped by men passing by my almost open door house not until I received support from Uganda Volunteers Foundation and constructed me a house and installed a solar panel for light. I used to work in peoples gardens to get what to feed my children. Sometimes I would even fail getting what to eat but I would just get greens besides the road boil and eat to push us to the next day. All these made life more miserable and frail due to inability to fit in the community.

Nature of intervention;

Uganda volunteers’ foundation constructed me a house to stay in with my 3 children and later on I received capital to start up a business to earn a living and also cater for our needs. I do craft work and it’s the business I can do better because I have got an experience in it and it doesn’t require much capital for one to start. This was a good turning point in our whole life as a family “... from dust to a craft owned business, it’s true UVF came to restore hope among the needy and vulnerable children, my children are now studying well, as quoted from Robina”.

Life after;

After all the tremendous support received from Uganda Volunteers Foundation, my craft business runs very well and I make baskets of 3 different sizes, the smallest size cost 10,000 Ugandan shillings and the bigger size costing 20, 000 Uganda shillings. I and my family feel happy and give thanks to the Almighty God because He removed us from the life of being dependent to independent family. I love my business and I cannot fail to at least sell 5 baskets in a day.


Future plan;

I look forward to be taken up as one of local to trained selected households in business management and to become a role model and a vibrant business lady around Kitende Centre. Above all. Special thanks to Ms. Sandy Bevan and UVF team

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