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I was so lucky to be supported with an income generating activity by GNUVF

Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

Am Namaweje Sylvia 21years old, a single mother of 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys, Am one of the needy families under the support of Global Network for Uganda volunteer’s foundation from Kitende village. Upon family assessment, I was promised to be supported as per my proposal.  This motivated me to search for service point which craved for my service and this was none other than Kitende “A” located along Ssisa road _Wakiso district and it attracts a number of customers who come for charcoal thus turning out to be a catchy and lucrative business Centre for my business.

Life before;

Before being supported by Global Network for Uganda Volunteers foundation, life was hard for me and earning a living for survival was hazardous and risky to our lives. I used to wash peoples clothes around Kitende village which fetched me peanuts hence attracted me to resort to begging to get what to feed my children. We would sleep and share a meal with my neighbors which seemed to inappropriate when compared with counter parts and cultural expectations. My 3 children in school going age sat for one full year without stepping in class due to lack of ability to meet the school demands. All these made life more miserable and unworthy living due to inability to fit in their peers having failed to pay for my children’s school fees.

Nature of intervention;

I was selected to be supported given the situation I went through. The GNUVF oriented me with knowledge and skills on how to manage a business. For a period of nine months, I was equipped with theoretical and practical skills and knowledge in business running. Upon completion, GNUVF with support of Rafiki Group Of Companies and Ms. Sandy’s facilitation  helped me with start-up capital worthy 300,000shs Three Hundred Thousand Shillings to start the business and always provide my children with required basic needs and live a happy life in the community which was a turning point in our whole life “... from a dependant to a self employed person through preparation skills, it’s true GNUVF and Sandy came to restore hope among the needy and vulnerable children, as quoted from Sylvia....long live GNUVF”.

Life after;

When I was supported with business capital and securing a place for storing in Kitende. As a result, the centre created demand for charcoal business since many customers flock the Centre to be served. This has served to improve on my daily earnings, standard of living and social life due to many friends gained,  life is worthy living now, “on a bad day, I can earn 7,000/= while on a good day one earns 35,000/= exclusive of lunch.”

Future plan;

I look forward to be taken up as one of local to trained selected youth and to become a role model and a vibrant business lady around Kitende Centre. Above all, I also aim at expanding the business to nearby areas with charcoal business gap and become an agent in the area.

GNUVF, thanks for being a parent to the deprived and vulnerable children in the community.

Photos of Sylvia Namaweje in her business

IMAG0266 IMAG0270 IMAG0276

Sylvia in her boosted business.

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