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Am now better than before just because GNUVF played an important role in my life

Transforming communities through sustainable volunteer projects

Global Network for Uganda volunteer’s foundation picked me up from grass and now to grace Nabaka Robina 35,

After suffering for soo many years without knowing my mother who threw me to the streets and Ms. Amina Nalubega took care of me like her own daughter until I got married to the father of my children, we mistreated me till I reached a point of calling Ms. Amina Nalubega, my foster mother who took me in again, after a few month, my biological mother appeared from nowhere apologized to me and promised heaven and earth, promised to make it up to me for the many years she wasn’t with me, I accepted and she brought me to Kampala, rented for me a house  in Wakiso district Kitende village along Entebbe road. With my 3 children, by the name of Nampijja Rose 13yrs Ssanyu Sofia 5yrs, Silvia Nakyanzi 2yrs.

Unfortunately my biological mother later disappointed me, got tired of taking care of me and my kids and through us to the streets, it was a difficult moment for me, and we slept hungry on the streets for a year.

Before the GNUVF organization coming up to support me a community well-wisher got me and took me in her place and gave us a small room to stay in with my children. The house was not fully complete with openings on the sides, linking roofs living our lives at risk. The room was congested and it could not accommodate the number of people staying in the house. I could not save money because of the situations the children were living in since used to always fall sick and getting treatment required money to be served.

However whenever it would rain, children could not go to school because they woke up looking for a secure place to stand in to avoid getting wet until rain stops. The children also failed to sit for their exams because of limited income to support the children in school and at home.

As time went on, life continued to be hard for me and my children. They always had one meal in a day and that’s when i work in someone’s garden and if I failed, then that night they look for greens around, boil and call it a day. God helped me and Global Network for Uganda Volunteers Foundation came to existence in kitende, I went crying to GNUVF Directors and all they told me was to pray soo this miracle happens.

My family was identified as the needy family that the organization would support. Since I was brave enough to walk into their office seeking for help and support.

As an organization, through friends, volunteers and well-wishers, they managed to mobilize for funds to build me a house I will now live in with my children and have a happy life. “Happy child leads to happy Uganda” the sky is the limit,

Long live Global Network for Uganda Volunteers Foundation.

Photos of the house i lived before:


Photos of the constructed house:

Ms Sandy supervising the construction of the house for Nabaka and her kids

Ms Sandy supervising the construction of the house for Nabaka and her kids

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