This is a general schedule for all volunteers. The schedule may change depending on pressing needs at any particular time. However, those who may be teaching at the UVF School full time, they will be following the school schedule. The days they are not teaching, they can switch back to the regular volunteer schedule below.

Morning   (8:00am – 12:00pm): UVF school (cleaning, feeding, washing & caring for kids)
Afternoon (2:00pm – 4:00pm): Tour around Kampala.

Morning:    The UVF School (compound maintenance/designing, classroom cleaning, office work, etc)
Afternoon: Administrative work at UVF office and  After school program – involves teaching/tutoring, music, dance, etc

Morning:   Child-headed families (cleaning, digging, construction, data collection)
*A tour around the supported households in Ssisa areas will involve local families)

Morning:   The UVF School (same as Tuesday + work with kids in sponsorship program)
Afternoon: Administrative work at UVF office
Evening:   After school program – involves teaching, debate, music, dance, etc

Morning:   Project updates and volunteers’ meeting. Involves planning for the following week.

Afternoon: Administrative work at UVF office.

Bike tour around Entebbe


Visit to the equator, rafting at the Nile to make a choice visit