Uganda Volunteers Foundation has established  a school for over 188 vulnerable children which consists of primary and tertiary institution we exist to equip the most vulnerable children with the cheapest education to enable all of them get educated and be able to fight the circle of poverty and have bright futures.

Our Story

In 2016 Uganda Volunteers Foundation, with the kind support of Ms. Sandy Bevan, launched weekend classes for 200 needy children, who did not attend school at that time. All these kids wanted was to go to school full time, but they had no money allowing them to do this. Some of them were orphans, others lived with their mothers who had been abandoned by their husbands. There was no such thing as support from the government for these families, and what little money they had went towards buying food and paying for water.
These young kids dreamt of being doctors, teachers and engineers one day, and all they ever asked for was to be able to go to school. UVF couldn’t send them all to school, so instead we decided to at least make sure they could read and write.
The focus of the classes were literacy and numeracy, to try and give these children some chance to succeed in life.
We have been able to send some of these kids to school full time through the help of volunteers from Ireland but so many are now staying home after the two years literacy program with a school we pattern with.
This bothered our founder Eva so much that she decided to acquire land with her life savings to be able to build a bigger school to accommodate and educate all these children at a cheaper cost, because Eva believes education is the tool to fighting poverty.
Its in this background that UVF is looking for donations to start up a sustainable goal of educating for over 188 children.
This project kicks off as soon as possible.
Please donate if you can towards the construction of the UVF school, and please take a look at our website to see what we do.
Difficulties faced at the UVF school
  • Lack of proper structures for the school.
  • Lack of scholastic materials for the children.
  • lack of funds to pay teachers salaries.
  • They find hardship in buying food supplies, as they do not have funders and the children need good feeding as most of them used to sleep without food.
  • They lack enough emergency medical supplies, as the kids sometimes fall sick.
  • They lack sponsors for children.
  • They lack enough clothing’s, bedding’s and shoes for the children.
  • They luck enough panties for them, and at the moment they do share
To sponsor or fund this program please kindly email us thanks in advance for your support.
Why The UVF School needs volunteers

They need volunteers for

  • Sports Education.
  • Child care.
  • Singing & Dancing.
  • Teaching where children are taught the following subjects; English, Numbers, Reading & Writing, games for the nursery section. Primary section offers English, Science, Mathematics, Social studies and Physical Education.
    • To help children improve on English speaking, reading, writing, shading and counting skills.
    • To encourage children to learn new games.
    • To teach teachers more knowledge of how to handle children as well to teach them new skills of teaching children in class.
    • To teach children on how to improve on sanitation.
    • Volunteers can support the school with playing materials, story books, stationery, Desks, chairs, and school tables.
    • Volunteers can also support the school in construction of new buildings for the school.
    • Volunteers can support the children with clothes and shoes for orphans and vulnerable children.
    • We need volunteers to help in fundraising for our school.