Sponsor a student through a whole year of school for $300 and $100 Per term.Uganda Volunteers Foundation supports 250 children at Entebbe Road Primary School. All  the operational costs for the children we support are fully donations.

  1. The school we support promote a holistic approach to education place a strong emphasis on community as well as academic performance.Your support makes it possible for thousands of children to join our education program which gives them a chance to begin an otherwise impossible journey towards achieving their aspirations, realising their potential and leading fulfilled lives.Education is a key to success.
  2. The Friends of UVF provide a number of avenues through which a person can participate in projects that make a sustainable transformation in the lives of those less fortunate in society. This can be achieved in the following ways;
    •       General donations can help support projects that are UVF Uganda funded and therefore dependent on locally raised funds
    •       Fund a project that is of specific interest to you or your organization.
    •       Co-fund a project where UVF  has been able to raise partial funding or is looking for matching funds
    •       Partner to implement a project. In most cases of project implementation there are areas of need that are not particularly UVFs expertise but are needed for the success of a project. Partnership are able to bring in new expertise and enhance the beneficiaries livelihoods contributing to the sustainability of the project
    •       Volunteer to work with Uganda Volunteers Foundation in the implementation of a project or in the general project support. Volunteers are welcome to UVF and the organization recognizes the value of volunteers and the mutual benefit a volunteer program has.


  1. Contribute to funding specific activities / project: well-wishers are welcome to fund any activity or project of their own choice at monthly amount of $75 partially or $150 fully the projects range as below,
    • Education/teaching.
    • Women empowerment and education.
    • Sports development/education.
    • Medical/healthcare.
    • Child care.
    • Support disabled.
    • Community development
    • Literacy classes for the needy children.
    • Sourcing for home basic needs

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