Uganda Volunteers Foundation has established a school for over 300 vulnerable children between the ages of three to 15 years which consists of primary and vocational centre we exist to equip the most vulnerable children with education to enable all of them get educated and be able to fight the circle of poverty and have bright futures.Our StoryIn 2016 Uganda Volunteers Foundation, with the kind support of Ms. Sandy Bevan, launched weekend classes for 100 needy children, who did not attend school at that time. All these kids wanted was to go to school full time, but they had no money allowing them to do this. Some of them were orphans, others lived with their mothers who had been abandoned by their husbands. There was no such thing as support from the government for these families, and what little money they had went towards buying food and paying for water. These young kids dreamt of being doctors, teachers and engineers one day, and all they ever asked for was to be able to go to school. UVF couldn’t send them all to school, so instead we decided to at least make sure they could read and write. The focus of the classes were literacy and numeracy, to try and give these children some chance to succeed in life. We have been able to send some of these kids to school full time through the help of volunteers but so many are now staying home after the two years literacy program. Since we had already acquired land we thought hard on a sustainable plan for educating these children, this led to the initiation of Sandy Bevan Educational Centre to help continue the great work Ms. Sandy Bevan had started in Uganda in 2016, we are starting with three classes, in the rooms we have in our possession, office house nursery, primary one and two for now till we can be able to build our dream school slowly, which will consist of primary school and vocational skill centre, where we will teach them skills, the school is meant to be with eight classes from Nursery to primary seven, then from primary seven we prepare the kids to face the world by training them with practical, vocational skills, because we believe education is the tool to fighting poverty. This project kicks off next term with 40 children the space we have can accommodate a few children for now, but we have over 300 children waiting for this service.The professionals we are working with have created construction plan, a long term plan for the costs associated with running the school and also a business plan which shows pre-operational costs such as building costs and purchasing equipment, and annual costs such as salaries etc.We have three dedicated volunteer teachers who will be taking on allowances of 6$ per day and per month each gets 118$ for now because we don’t have enough funds to pay their salaries.The total amount to pay the three volunteer teachers per month is 353$.One term has three month therefore its 1059$ for the three volunteer teachers.A year has three terms and the total amount per year for the three volunteer teachers will cost 3,177$.The allowances for now will be contributed by volunteers and well-wishers.This money will help them on transport to and from the school and meals each day from Monday to Friday.The school is located in a very rural village with no access to public transport so the volunteer teachers will spend a lot on transport.We need all the help we can get in terms of scholastic materials and funds etc.We will keep you posted on everything.Please kindly email us thanks in advance for your support.