We are currently looking for funds to set up a medium scale chicken farm. This project will help us be able to educate and feed our children on chicken meat and as a means of sustaining this project and the organization we will be able to sell the Birds for income generating purposes. As an organization the setup of this project is key and we are looking forward to kick of the project so that we get a stable flow of income, by the grace of God. The start-up cost of this project is approximately $3000. But we are sure it will create a very huge difference which is so visible. And we encourage all donors who are interested in starting sustainability projects with UVF to please consider it because we will make sure to put the funds to the right use.

As a Donor you will help us as an organization get food for the children to boost food and nutrition and also income generating to sustain the organization.
Thanks in advance for your kind donations.

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