We are in preparations to start a piggery project (The UVF women self-help program) this was also proposed by our partners on Board who have a vision of equipping the organization with food and sustain it to prepare this young organization get ready for tuff times ahead of it. This project is still un funded and the proposed Budget for it is $5000. As a Donor you can decide to fund this project on the values of give a man fish today and teach him how to fish for himself tomorrow so that when you give birth to a child you support him/her and let them walk on themselves. We value your kindness and partnerships in all these developments. We will also grow vegetables (like cassava, Irish potatoes, Matooke, etc.) and fruits (like mangos, pineapples, bananas, etc.) on the same land that will be acquired.
These fruits and vegetables can be used for our own consumption and to sell.