Nabwire Evaline Rhoda
GNUVF Executive Director

Eva founded GNUVF in 2013 after seeing and identifying a situation of growing demand from people who couldn't afford basic needs for their living like education, medical care, shelter and food for the children. She over sees and manages all aspects of the organization. Eva loves positively changing lives of children and women, loves nature, travelling.
And more so Eva is in love with natural flowers and dogs.

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Nabagenyi Margaret
Projects Manager

Excellent at Management and Coordination, Developing strategic and business plans for the growth of institutions, Programs, Projects, and making that difference where it is needed -in the lives of people through entrepreneurship ,programs and advocacy, and proving consultancy services for over six years . She has a Degree in International Business. Margaret is a competent, inspirational and a result oriented team leader to achieving organizational goals and expectations. GNUVF is so lucky to have her.

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Pamela Crumley Phillips
Administration Coordinator

Pamela, joined GNUVF in 2015 and is now the Administration Coordinator. Originally from Georgia in The USA. Her favorite things in life are her garden, cycling, summer and campfires by a river with her family. She is also devoted mother and a follower of Christ! with a big heart for charities.

Wesonga Hilda Barbara
Head of Finance
Hilda has Bachelor of arts in Economics with over fourteen years’ experience working with different organizations. She is a highly articulated individual able to work confidently with diverse cultures and situations.
Uganda Volunteer's Foundation
Emalu Linda A nuro
Community Coordinator

Linda came on board with GNUVF at the start of 2014, having previously volunteered with GNUVF. She describes herself as a travel addict, having traveled to so many countries and places in Uganda so far. She now coordinates all our community activities and programs with both local councils, women, children.

Internal Audit Manager
He is a member of ACCA. He has vast internal auditing experience of 15 years, Henry is a highly dependable auditor, known for not comprising on professional ethical value for personal gains or selfish interests, earning him respect from within the organizations and the Board.
Alex Bulamba
Head of ICT

With six years of experience managing server infrastructure Effectively plan, install, configure and optimize the ICT infrastructure to consistently achieve high availability and performance. Has been managing GNUVFs website and social medias since 2014. Alex has a passion for his career.