Uganda Volunteers Foundation, with the kind support of Sandy Bevan​ launched weekend classes for 100 needy children, who currently do not attend school. All these kids want is to go to school full time, but they have no money allowing them to do this. Some of them are orphans, others live with their mothers who have been abandoned by their husbands. There’s no such thing as support from the government for these families, and what little money they have goes towards buying food and paying for water.

These young kids dream of being doctors, teachers and engineers one day, and all they ever ask for is to be able to go to school. UVF can’t send them all to school, so instead we decided to at least make sure they can read and write.

The focus of the classes are literacy and numeracy, to try and give these children some chance to succeed in life.
The money raised will pay for two teachers’ salaries for one year, notebooks, pencils, chalk, some more desks (so they don’t need to cram six kids on a three seater desk) and lunch, (usually posho and beans) – the most basic needs for the children. There’s no running water, not many books, and no electricity in these classrooms, but learning is taking place, and these kids are so very happy to be going to school.

When you break it down, 5,000 dollars to educate 100 kids means that fifty dollars is all it takes to enable one child to be able to read and write.

The volunteers from Uganda Volunteers foundation give their time freely to help the paid teachers to manage the large classes of fifty. This campaign will be an annual campaign, with any additional funds raised being used by UVFo for other intiatives such as distributing medicines to needy families, startup capital for the single mothers businesses,

Please donate if you can, and please take a look at to see what else this small group of amazing volunteers do.

To sponsor or fund this program please kindly email us thanks in advance for your support.

Computer literacy

Computer literacy is not only the future of our children’s’ education but it is also the present; and we need to make the investment in IT now!
ICT is one of the key skills needed to access and enrich learning of all kinds. It’s all about communication, and in the world in which our children are growing up, it is vital: whatever they do, they will have to be ICT-literate. ICT connects all areas of the curriculum. The internet can be a powerful resource; if children aren’t connected at home school provision becomes even more important.

We are currently looking for funds to set up a computer training center for the children we support and others in need of the skill in the local community, in this case we are badly in need of computers.

This center will also provide training, Internet and other secretarial services to the community for free.
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