Donations To Consider When Planning Your Trip.

First and foremost all the placements and projects you will be working with are so much in need, so please consider fundraising before your trip to support your project or placement.

Examples of these donations may include but not limited to,

  1. Exercise books/notebooks
  2. Laptops, for computer literacy classes and office use.
  3. Bed sheets
  4. Blankets
  5. Shoes
  6. School bags
  7. Matresses
  8. Mosquito nets
  9. Medicines.
  10. Food stuff (beans,rice and Posho).
  11. Reading books.
  12. Drawing books.
  13. Lady bird books.
  14. Text books.
  15. Chalk – white and colored
  16. Mathematical sets
  17. Ream of paper
  18. Ruled papers
  19. Crayons, coloring pencils
  20. Pencil sharpeners, rubbers
  21. A4 pads
  22. Paper hole-punchers
  23. Paperclips, staplers & staples
  24. Graph/squared paper
  25. Art paper/colored paper
  26. Printer paper/plain paper
  27. Counters, blocks, beads, puzzles
  28. Educational toys and games; e.g. Lego, draughts and chess
  29. Rulers, compasses, protractors
  30. Calculators.
  31. Small musical instruments.
  32. Any accompanying music books.
  33. Dictionaries
  34. Reference books
  35. Reading books for 11-16 are in great demand
  36. Reading schemes.
  37. Coloring books
  38. Paints, paintbrushes, scissors
  39. Glue, sticky tape, stamp pads and ink
  40. Post-it notes, magnifying glasses
  41. Posters.
  42. Playing materials for the nursery kids, like toys etc.
  43. Writing boards.
  44. Tooth brushes and tooth pastes.
  45. Toilet papers
  46. Sports Equipment’s, like balls, jazzes, sports shoes, ball bumps.
  47. Pads/ sanitary towels.
  48. Classroom Furniture.
  49. Pots of Vaseline
  50. Bars of baby soap
  51. Washing powder and cleaning detergents
  52. The List is endless hence if you can, Please help with whatever you can.

NOTE: Also note that part of whatever you donate goes towards the support of the vulnerable children at Entebbe Road Primary School for their feeding, medical care, scholastic materials, clothing also for the organization ie program supervision, volunteer recommendation letter and certificate after your volunteer work, in country administration costs like internet, transport etc


Centenary Rural Development Bank Ltd, Mapeera House, Kampala, Uganda.

Account Number: 3021800008

Account Name: Uganda Volunteers Foundation