Invest in Girls Today
The Uganda Volunteers Foundation envisions a future in which every girl gets a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. In most parts of Uganda, girls miss out on school, become child brides and are denied the most basic of health services. Girls deserve to be empowered, and make their own choices in life. Girls’ education is key in keeping girls on the path to success. We all succeed when girls are given the opportunities to succeed. Join the conversation and empower girls with #UVF.
Reasons to Invest
• Girls are almost 3 times more likely to not go to school than boys
• Every year of schooling increases a girl’s earning power up to 25%
• Girls are 6 times less likely to become child brides when they stay in school
Give the Gift of Education
Educate a girl today and she can succeed as a woman tomorrow. For just $100 per term, a girl can receive the books, learning materials and schooling needed to grow and flourish. The results are life changing.
Give Them a Brighter Future
We work in the poorest and most vulnerable communities in Uganda- saving one child at a time. Help give girls and boys the opportunity to grow up happy and healthy in Uganda

A Girl Like Bridget

Namuganyi Bridget aged 13 has her dream of becoming a heart surgeon.
Bridget had to drop out of school after passing on of her parents, being told that she should get married by her relatives, since they never had money to pay girls school fees and yet she can get a man to provide. However, she wants to pursue her dream and also change the perception of her community towards girls. And thanks to her grandmother who brought her to us and has never bothered to check on her again, but this doesn’t matter now she’s in our care.
You can help girls like Bridget avoid early pregnancy and marriages by keeping them in school. Help sponsor a girl-child today.


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