Thank you for donating to help the needy,

Your support means so much to so many.

UVF is a non-for-profit community based organization formed to support the needy through provision of home basic needs, education, medical care and economic development to needy. UVF is funded through a grant from donors, individual and corporate contributions.

A high population in Uganda are having a poor standard of living. This situation is showing no signs of stopping. People living in this situation could be our friends and neighbors. They could be just like you and me.

Everyone should learn all they can about charity. We should learn about effective support of the needy. We should support others who are victims of this situation. We should get involved in efforts aimed at finding a betters living for them. We should do all we can to improve their standards.

As a nonprofit agency, we rely on donations. We are pleased to receive gifts at any level. You may send checks of any amount made payable to the following address:

Executive Director
Uganda Volunteers Foundation ,

P.O. Box 955, Kampala (U)
Tel: 256-752-711564 Or 256-773-711564

You can also support us through our bank account below

Bank:                           Centenary Bank

Account Name:            Uganda Volunteers Foundation

Account Number:         3021800008

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