Hi everyone,
We are trying to raise more money worth $7,000 to finish a building in Entebbe Road Primary School for vulnerable children and is home to 150 underprivileged kids from the ages of 3 to 14 years old.

Funds are really low in the school and it’s barely surviving. Food and clean water are a struggle and the children are sleeping on hard, cold floors. These kids are trekking up a mountain to get dirty water, they are weak, barely clothed and suffering from malnourishment.

UVF as an organization has done everything in its ability to help these children survive. We are a young, small organization having only begun in 2013. We have begun farming projects, making and selling jewelry, and fundraising both locally and through Facebook but we need all the help we can get.
Both founder and father of the school Samuel have opened their doors to any child in need. Due to this, the school’s numbers have grown rapidly in recent years and space is in shortage. We have uploaded photos of the two dormitories the children now have. The boys’ dormitory holds roughly 10 bunk beds sleeping 70 boys, while the girls’ dorm holds 12 beds, sleeping 80 girls. Five children are sharing a bed and the rest are sleeping on floors night after night.
There is also a photo of the new dormitory that we, UVF have started building. We do not have sufficient funds to buy bricks, roofing and servicing to finish it. We are looking to raise 7,000 Euro to finish this building and give these children enough space to get a good night’s sleep as fast as possible. This dormitory is only a small step but will help to give these children a chance at a better life. Please donate any bit you can and it will go toward giving these kids a bed, blanket, and a roof over their head like every child deserves. All it takes is click ‘Donate now’, enter your details and choose however much you would like to donate. Thank you all for taking the time read this and feel free to visit UVF’s www.uvfo.org to see more photos and information about the kids and what else the organization does, UVF is always looking for volunteers and any help given. So we would be more than happy to answer any questions contact info@uvfo.org