Sandra Joy Bevan
Chairperson Board
Sandy, began working hand in hand with UVF in 2016, because of her big heart and love for education for vulnerable children, facilitated a lot of UVF projects, has 31 years’ experience in international education specializing in Early Years, over sees the education project, in charge of the literacy program for children who dont attend school due to lack of school fees, that she launched in 2016, she has a passion for travelling, seeing new places and experiencing new cultures, loves being outdoors, especially at the beach, enjoys being with her kids.
Catherine Mbabazi
Vice Chairperson
She has a Master’s Degree in Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (2016) Cathy also holds a Degree in Business Administration (Management) 2005 Has been with UVF Team since 2015. • Straight forward, friendly & open minded.
Yasemine oezdolap
She is an Account Manager within Oracle, She helps customers with their transitions to the cloud. She combines her technical & analytical capabilities to solve the IT Challenges that her customers are facing. OperateS within the area of Database for a region Hamburg (Germany). Also problem solver.
Akidi Rose
Rose is a qualified assurance manager at Uganda virus research institute, Entebbe. Her overall responsibility is to ensure quality of HIV testing and diagnosis in Uganda among others. She holds, Masters of Science in Biomedical Laboratory sciences and management. Master’s in public Health. Post graduate diploma in project planning and management. Bachelors of Biomedical Laboratory Technology.
Wandira Kiizza
Board Member
He joined UVF in 2013, to help in organizational development, has background in Environmental Management, forestry and agriculture, with 31 years’ experience working with different international organizations in different countries like Netherlands. The chairperson of UVFs board members, enjoys spending time with his family, and working on his farm.