African Art & Crafts

The making of all sorts of hand crafts like purses, bags, baskets, necklaces, dolls, and doll puppets etc. These especially the doll puppets have helped us in teaching of children through story telling where children are allowed to express themselves and have fun. This has boosted self-esteem among the children and they are more eager to learn. On the side of other crafts enough effort is put in to see that this project is boosted to help sustain the organization. To do this we need joint efforts to work together and make this organization successful.

This program helps women earn needed income to support their families.

UVF  partnered with Mirembe hand made Uganda who trained our women to make baskets. The first group of 20 women who received training are now training more women in the community. The baskets are sold through Mirembe hand made Uganda and exported to Israel and other countries.

More than 200 baskets have been sold in the past  months. This has become the number one source of income for most of the UVF women. Thanks to all who have helped sell or buy the baskets.