Appreciation To UVF for Economically Securing me.

My name is Nakakeeto Prossy.

I am one of the many women in the UVF women empowerment program, my business was initiated from money donated by Sandy Bevan in early 2016, UVF set up a woman to woman form of save up scheme from the very first capital.

The woman Sandy, setup a business for Sylvia, managed to save up to the amount UVF had agreed for her to give to another woman to grow, which was luckly me.

As i talk now my small business has grown bigger in few months,UVF also trained sustainable skills,i even make craft baskets in my spare time when i have no customers and sell them too for more income.

I proudly can now provide for my children both basic needs and education, all thanks to UVF this organization has really helped empower me and am now economically secure my child will truely have a bright future.

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