Am by names Nakafeero Florence 27 years of age, a single mother to 2 children, am  supported by Uganda volunteer’s foundation, and I am one of the needy families they help, I have received clothes, food, beddings, cash from UVF for 4 years now.

This is my painful story, on 6th/03/2017, my house caught fire as I had gone out to do my usual job of washing clothes for some rich community members, and had left my two young girls in the house unfortunately my girls died in the fire as the UVF TEAM was trying to save them, I really don’t know how the kids burnt, am still in a lot of pain but because of the UVF Director Ms. Evaline Nabwire Rhoda, commonly known as AUNTY MUZUNGU in our community.

This lady with a biggest heart, through UVF has solicited a lot of things from her house, well-wishers, and community members like clothes, beddings, food stuffs, money worth 200,000shs to help me rebuild my life again.

They also helped fixed my house and I together with my remaining two kids have a home again.

God bless Uganda volunteer’s foundation and may you continue saving humanity.

To the people out there if you have any donations to bring to UVF, just be sure everything you give reaches us we are over 50   mothers under their support.

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