I Mirembe Janet wishes to extend my thanks to UVF for the endless support provided to me and my children since 2013, am a single mother with 5 children, Mathias, Jordan, Eddy, Blessing and Kitibwa under the kind support of UVF, this organization has provided me with food stuff, clothing’s, beddings and above all education for my children, which is every parents wish more so vulnerable women like me.

The education program was launched by Ms. Sandy Bevan a year ago, and since then my kids have been able to get some education at Entebbe road primary school where by UVF pays teachers to teach our kids and also provides all the scholastic materials needed for them to get an education

Before this,

Before being registered as one of the support families with UVF I and my kids hardly had a meal a day, we didn’t have clothing’s, beddings and more so the education I had ever wished for my kids.

I don’t have enough words to describe the kind heart the UVF director has towards me and my children, she can never eat when my own are going hungry, she shares every little thing she has with the kids all around the Kitende B community, she’s the most kind person I have ever met.

Am luck of words but may you keep doing great things Aunty Eva (AUNTY MUZUNGU)

We shall always love and remember you for what you’re doing for the needy.

I end by saying The World needs more people like Sandy Bevan and Eva

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