Our school supported with scholastic materials, stationaries, play materials and desks;

My name is Samuel Mugerwa, the Head teacher of Entebbe Road Primary School one of the many schools supported by (UVF) Uganda Volunteers Foundation, it was one morning that I received UVF team leader (lady Eva) as a visitor at my school asking for a partnership, I told her I would think it over and get back to her, however, to cut everything short, after some period I accepted working together with UVF following its mission, vision and highly regarded interpretation in activities and programs extended to the entire community regardless of religion, tribe, family background and status the team is so cooperative and they fulfill  every promise they make compared to those I have ever worked with.

Life before

Before being supported by Uganda Volunteers foundation (UVF), the school had no playing materials for games and furniture (desks) to accommodate the number of pupils in the school. The school has got 430 pupils attending school. During class, pupils would sit down on the flow or attend classes under trees which was hard to maintain their cleanliness thus giving parents a task of washing uniforms every day for the next day classes. Most of the children are brought to study without the required scholastic materials like books, pens and pencils to write notes. However, it is always observed that most of the pupils attend school and at the end they fail to turn up for end of term exams to evaluate their education.

Nature of intervention;

Entebbe road was selected to be supported with school play materials, scholastic materials for the children and 20 desks to be used by children literacy class programs on weekends. The registered 100 children for literacy class program.

Life after;

Since our partnership, the organization (UVF) provided my school (Entebbe road primary school) with 20 desks, (Most of the children used to sit on the floor, but with Sandy Bevan’s support through UVF my pupils are now able to write and sit comfortably), scholastic materials like exercise books, reams of paper, pens, pencils, erasers, colors, sharpeners, table cards, time table cards, writing cards, reading books and text books for our school library, which are provided termly. The school also received sports materials like balls both netballs and foot balls, badminton rackets, rings among others

Future plan;

I look forward for more support and to be taken up as one of the best school supporting the needy children and having morally upright citizens of the future. I also aim at having more children on UVF program joining literacy education program. UVF and Sandy thanks for being parents to the deprived, vulnerable and needy children in the community.

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